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to a magical time trip down in our medieval cellar, the old Town.

Eat well and drink our own mead. Enjoy a solid selection of beers, good wines and countless numbers of meads.


Restaurant Opening Hours:

Monday: 17.00-23.00
thuesday-Thursday: 17.00-01.00
Friday: 17.00-03.00
Saturday: 17.00-03.00
Sunday: 17.00-23.00

Sister bar ”Axess”

Monday-thursday: 17.00-01.00
Friday: 16.00-03.00
Saturday: 17.00- 03.00
Sunday: 17.00- 01.00

Out English menu

Out medieval Feasts

Take a look into our medieval cellar

Sjätte tunnan sigill

Eat like a medieval King

In order to get as a great feeling as possible we focused a lot on making the food accurate. The following medieval cook books inspired us when we created our menu:
Le Menagerie de Paris 1393
Le Viandier 1386
Forme of cury 1400
Fait du cuisine 1420

You can find our english menu here: Menu PDF

Go big with a medieval feast: Feast PDF



Målad avskiljare

Booking a table

You can book a table using the booking tool further down the site or by emailing us at: info@sjattetunnan.se
or Calling +46 844 00 919.
We read our email during office hours, for booking the same weekend, please call us.

törstig munk