Christmas Feast

Experience a fantastic time travel to a medieval inn at Christmas
Travel back in time for an evening and experience a genuine medieval Christmas in the medieval restaurant Sjätte tunnan
Sjätte tunnans ancient arch in Old Town. The room is medieval decorated just like our nice staff.

The Christmas feast is served through table serving at five separate servings. While you eat and drink well
We offer medieval inspired entertainment. What you get is simply a time travel back to one of the medieval  inns at Christmas time.
We have a wide selection of mead, beer, wine and snapses.

Sjätte tunnans's Christmas feasts runs from 27/11 to 23/12 
Price from SEK 595 / guest depending on day

If you have any questions, please call us +46(0)8 440 09 19
Or email us

Download our Christmast fest menu:
Dhristmas feast ENG