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Experience a fantastic time travel to a medieval restaurant during Christmas

Travel back in time for an evening and experience a genuinely medieval Christmas feast

in the only medieval restaurant in Scandinavia - Medeltidskrogen Sjätte Tunnan.

At our restaurant you don't have to go around huge smorgasbord with many other people

because our fantastic staff will take care of you at your table.

We have a wide range of mead, beer, wine, self-spiced schnapps

and various non-alcoholic alternatives to enjoy with the meal.

Ask our staff and they will help you to choose a perfect drink to match your meal.

Sjätte Tunnans Christmas feast starts from 24/11 to 23/12 
Price from SEK 695 / guest (depends on the weekday)

Christmas Feast menu



For more information please email us to
Or call us +46(0)8 440 09 19

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